We are committed to supporting our customers in every way.  We are dedicated and ready to service all your HVAC needs by monitoring and improving the efficiency, optimizing energy of existing systems while maintaining a program to be a positive contributor to the bottom line.

Prior to beginning any repair or replacement work we will troubleshoot the system in order to identify and/or diagnose any potential area of concern.  On all service calls Coopwood’s will inspect all moving parts or components, belts, bearings, drives and fans.  We will investigate noises, lubricant and adjust as recommended per manufactures specifications.  If the problem is outside of the scope of minor on site repairs we will provide a quote to the Facility Manager for approval within 24 hours of the service call.

Coopwood’s maintains a 24/7 on-call service availability for emergency calls with a 30 minute return phone call response time.

With service work we recommend implementing a routine maintenance program to effectively maintain all aspects of HVAC systems in any facilities.  (See Preventative Maintenance for more info)

Coopwood’s Air Conditionings qualifications can uniquely address your short and long term goals, such as reduced store energy use, refrigerant leakage and comfort to its customers and partners.

Our strengths are woven into our technicians and support staff.  The journeyman technicians we will send to you have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in commercial/industrial service, with a strong understanding of comfort, humidity, BMS controls and EPA section 608 certifications.

Other strengths include the ability to tackle installation, troubleshoot, complete repairs in a timely manner and provide maintenance on all your equipment.  Additional strengths include technicians that are manufacturer’s trained and certified to work on VRF’s for LG, and VRF’s for Lennox and factory authorized to work on Munters, Aaon, York, Addison and Lennox. 

We are a sustainable solution in your effort to shrink your environmental footprint with a team that focuses on dependability, safety, integrity and honesty.  Please do not hesitate to call us at (713) 692-5406 or email us with any questions or comments.  (see contact)