About Coopwood's

Our company has provided full air conditioning and mechanical contracting services to the greater Texas Gulf Coast area for over forty years with corporate offices located in Houston, Texas.

Coopwood’s Air Conditioning Inc., was founded in June of 1980 by Mike Coopwood.  Mike has stood by his philosophy and principles that success comes from hard work, integrity, honesty and building relationships. He has dedicated his career to providing customers with consistent, cost-effective service through trust worthy technicians and administrative staff that take pride in every project.

We are a second generation family owned and operated company, Michael Kent Coopwood II was named vice president in 2009.  Since that time Kent has continued to grow the company while maintaining the time-tested philosophy of providing customers with the quality, professionalism and excellent customer service.

Coopwood’s Air Conditioning has built a reputation in Texas for being a company you can count on for even the most complex projects with specialized knowledge of commercial and industrial projects, safety, budgets and delivery at the forefront of the job.

Meet Our Team

The foundation of our success rests in the people who have committed their careers to Coopwood’s.  The principals and majority of our staff have over 40 years of individual experience and uncompromising values in the HVAC industry. Currently our company employs over 100 experienced employees from various fields and we continue to grow as the market expands. Coopwood’s Air Conditioning Inc., is composed of a team that focuses on goals and results with loyal team members ready to contribute, support and prioritize the success of the company and our customers.


President:  Mike Coopwood40 yrs  of service 
Vice President:  M. Kent Coopwood II20 yrs of service 
Controller: Laura Thomas  – 10 yrs of service 
Director of Special ProjectsMichelle Coopwood3 yrs of service

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Payable: Lisa King20 yrs of service 

Dispatch & Service: George R. Bally29 yrs of service 

Service Manager: Hamilton Castillo9 yrs of service

Project Management Team: with over 30+ years experience in both commercial and industrial services 

Shane Justus31 yrs experience 

George R. Bally29 yrs experience

Brian Broadus –23 yrs experience 

Doug Brock10 yrs of experience

Daniel Ward1 yr of service 

Service Department:  with 30+ years experience in commercial HVAC

Field Superintendent:

Luis Morillion8 years

On-Site Sheet Metal Department: 

Moses Hernandez – 29 yrs of service 

On-Site Warehouse Manager

Anthony Molandes – 6 yrs of service 

Off-Site Project Management Team:

Allan Dawson- 24 yrs of service

Robert Cole – 19 yrs of service 

Joel Quintanilla – 23 yrs of service 

Mike Holzapfel – 11 yrs of service 

Off-Site Administration Department: with 20+ years of service

Off-Site Service Department: with more than 30 years of service

Mike Coopwood is a  true entrepreneur, in 1980 he founded Coopwood’s Air Conditioning, Inc. and built it into one of the premier, most recognized and respected commercial and industrial air conditioning companies in the Texas Greater Gulf Coast region  .  He started with one truck and one other service man.  Word quickly spread of Coopwood’s quality, value, service and integrity and the company has grown to over 100 employees.  Mike’s vision for the company and culture have remained true;  treat others as you want to be treated,  take pride in your work  and remain respectful and fair.

Kent oversees the company's ability to ensure operational excellence and effective implementation of company objectives.  Having over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, he understands and has experience in all aspects of the business. As Vice President, Kent works closely with owners and general contractors to ensure projects are on-time and within budget. His aptitude for understanding complex projects has helped him lead his team to provide short and long term strategic planning of high performance projects that meet our customers' objectives.   He establishes the company's strategic direction, plans its implementation, and communicates the requirements and goals to the company to ensure we provide maximum customer satisfaction.   He is graduate of Texas A&M and continues to make Coopwood's long-standing value, reputation, and customer relationships grow.

Laura Thomas has been the Controller for Coopwood’s Air Conditioning, Inc. since 2010, she previously worked in the Chemical Filtration Industry for 21 years before joining our team. She recently took on the Human Resource responsibilities for the Company, she enjoys working with the staff and resolving issues.

She is the Director of Special Projects with 30 years of experience. She conducts long and short range planning for the company and serves as a liaison with executives, department heads and employees to ensure organizational goals are met.

She is the Senior Administrator for Commercial and Industrial billing with 33 years of experience.  Her goals include keeping a positive attitude as technology changes, working along side others and having a strong spiritual belief we all can achieve higher goals.

Dana Ridenour has 29 years of experience in billing and has been with Coopwood’s 10 years, prior to moving to the home office as an Industrial Billing Specialist, she worked onsite at Marathon as a Project  Administration Assistant   She is also our Safety Coordinator and is in charge of our safety program where she implements safety directives, improves safety performances through weekly safety meetings and ensures all safety policies and procedures are aligned with the appropriate regulations.  During her time away from Coopwood’s, she works in animal rescue, fostering and finding furever homes for Boston Terriers.

She has been an employee at Coopwood’s Air Conditioning for over 8 years, she started out as the receptionist, if you’ve called the office, you have probably spoken to her. She recently worked her way up to an Accounts Receivable position, handling our commercial job and service billings. She would like to be so good at her job, that she has the answer for everyone’s questions and she claims her biggest achievement is being 27 years old with a retirement plan.

Lisa King is an Accounts Payable Specialist, who is proficient in vendor management. She thrives in a challenging, fast paced environment and has been a dedicated team member at Coopwood’s Air Conditioning for 20 years.   She recently took on additional responsibilities which include new hires and maintaining compliance for drug testing and background screening for all employees.  She also is responsible for certain aspects of our fleet, this includes  registrations, insurance, incident investigation and gas cards.

He is the Service Department Dispatcher, Assistant Service Manager and a Project Manager.  He has 39 years of experience in the HVAC business.  He enjoys developing new customer relationships, and working to help them with budgets as well as up-grades to lower maintenance cost.  He has built strong relationships with our service and construction personnel.  He continues to develop and grow CAC Mechanical Contractors, our wholesale distribution company.  His daily goals are work hard and stay safe.

Hamilton is our Service Manager with 23 years of experience in HVAC.  He began his training with the Universal Technical Institute  in Houston and has continued to educate himself with emerging HVAC technology. He is experienced in working with varying unit sizes from residential to industrial.

He is our Senior Project Engineer, HVAC Designer, Estimator and Project Manager.  He has been with Coopwood’s for 30 years and has excelled working with corporate stakeholders to design, estimate and complete projects that come in on time and on budget.

He is a Project Manager/Estimator with 20 years of construction related experience, 11 of which have been in the HVAC industry.   As a Project Manager, he has successfully completed numerous projects on time and within budget. These projects have ranged in value from a thousand dollars to in excess of four million.  In addition to having experience in the HVAC industry and being a State of Texas Class A License holder, he also holds a State of Texas Master Electrician License.  His goal is to continue to learn and grow as an HVAC professional by being mindful of the integration of advancements in modern technology into the HVAC industry.

Daniel Ward is a Project Manager and Estimator in  commercial construction. With 7+ years in both the residential and commercial sides of the field, Daniel has experience in management, trade development, relations, team work, and is always task oriented.  He has managed several projects ranging from banks, to retail such as Target remodels, to H-E-B grocery retails curbside projects   in the Houston area. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Texas Tech University.

He has 22 years’ experience in commercial and residential HVAC.  He started his career at 18 in sheet metal, moved to service, then piping to working with GC’s covering plans.  He has always pushed himself to ask questions, to learn, and set goals.  He enjoys working at Coopwood’s because he sees a company where he can grow and advance..  Coopwood’s recognized his talent early on and within 6 months he was promoted to Foreman.